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Hawk of Many Colors
Dolphin's Journey

As I drifted between worlds, I summoned Dolphin to join me. I wanted to go to his home in the Sea. When he came to me, he indicated a new adventure for me. I had been shown the Way to enlighten others and he felt it was time to broaden my view of his world. Swim with us now and strengthen your Spirit, for this Journey is one of the Heart and Mind.

We soared through the waters and I began to feel a high vibration ahead. The Crystal Temple, now in sight, was similar to Stonehenge, except that the columns were of Crystal, not stone. The water around the Temple seemed to dance and shimmer with energy. As I entered through the massive Crystals, my heart was overcome with Joy and a Love so Pure and Honest that words cannot describe the sensation. My Heart was laughing as I swam around the Mother Crystal, absorbing the Purest Light and Love, which could only have come from God.
Dolphin bid me to follow him deeper into the ocean. Soon we were at the bottom among barrels of pollutants. My energy was gone. I felt sick as I tried to swim through the putrid odors and foul tasting waters. Dolphin secured one of the offending barrels in a Spirit Net and took it back to the Mother Crystal.
As he entered the Temple with the barrel, the vibrations increased. Suddenly the barrel burst open and the contents began to swirl around the Mother Crystal. With an intense explosion, the pollutants were turned into positive Light Energy and the waters cleared to their sparkling crispness, where Love and Light once again prevailed.

As Dolphin escorted me back to my world, he explained what I had just witnessed. "If you go deep enough, you will find the pollutants in your world; those things which are not conducive to a proper life. You must take these things to the Temple, where they can be made harmless."
"But how will I find the Temple?" I asked.
"The Temple is inside you. It is your Being. Remember the feeling of Purity as you find those things which are offensive to you. Surround them with your Heart and find the essence of them. Break the Matter down into small particles with Love and Light. It will soon be a matter of understanding and the offense will no longer be of any importance to you. Meet every-thing you encounter with the purest of Love and you will find that nothing will offend you. Keep your vibrations high and, above all, remember the feeling you had inside the Temple, for it is the Love of God you felt, and His Love will conquer all assailants."
When I awoke, my Heart was pounding. Our three dimensional world was already trying to erase the memory of the Journey. Then I felt the Love, and all became secure again.

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