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Hawk of Many Colors
I Closed My Eyes

The Family

Mother Earth is unique, in that we have a diversity of life forms. From those who roam the country looking for adventure and food........


Manatee the gentle creatures of the sea, who seem to be concerned only with living.



Even the smallest of creatures is of God's rendering.

We are Spirit, as are all living Creatures on this planet. We must hear the call of all living things and become one with them. It was not in God's design that we as humans go about our lives in neglect of our fellow inhabitants. We are here. Let us abide with each other and share the Love instilled in us by the All That Is.

I closed my eyes and saw the Realm of our Creator. His world is not of hatred or fear. His world is blessed with Love and Light. It is in our power to make this Earth as it is in Heaven. We must realize that we are all connected. We are Spirit with human form. We are of the image of God. We are Spirits of Light and Love.


If we look close enough at the heavens...

Earth or Heaven?

...We see the Realm of God at our feet.

Dolphin's Journey