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Hawk of Many Colors
I am Shaman.

Freedom of Spirit

I saw the spaces of the wide open plains.
I saw the vastness of the sky.
I saw the Spirits of Eagle and Bear.
I saw Shaman chanting, calling Spirits from on high.

I heard the silence of Owl as she flew.
I heard Eagle's mighty cry.
I heard Bear as he came through the woods.
I heard Shaman chanting, calling Spirits from on high.

I felt the eyes of Wolf on my back.
I felt the wind as it went by.
I felt my heart as it pounded in my chest.
I felt Shaman chanting, bringing Spirits from the sky.

I knew my work here on Earth was done.
I knew my heart would never die.
I knew my Spirit would be needed again.
I knew I was Shaman, joining Spirits in the Sky.

Sending Spirit Home.

Dancing the Spirit of Hawk

I am Shaman. I am Spirit. I am Hawk of Many Colors. I feel the Spirit of Hawk as I dance. I am free to soar to the sky and see the wonders of the Universe. As Shaman, I travel to the Lower World and am welcomed by the Spirit of my bretheren. Many wonderous things do I see. Most heart-felt is the Love our Creater has for all living things. We are His as Spirit. We are devine beings in His image. The image of the All That Is. The Spirit. Look to yourself and see the wonder within. Hear your voice, for it wishes to be heard. Listen to the words and know that you are one with God. Light and Love God wishes for you and nothing else. Go with Light, my friend, and rejoice in His Love.

I Closed My Eyes