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Banshee Rising
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Well, it's time for me to continue the story of the Banshee. To do that, I must read. Why don't you do the same? Purchase a copy of "Banshee Rising" and take a walk through Bridgeway, Virginia. Find out why people who eat at Dooley's Restaurant never open a menu and just ask for "Whatever's in the pot." Go with Mitch into the attic and find the ghost of Sara McCafferty, then follow him as he and Dana and another former SEAL, Owen "Hawk" Taggart track down the murderer of this young girl and her family. (Did I mention that the murders happened in 1966?) And find out what happens the night Dana sees the wrath of the Banshee for the first time.

By the way, there is a second Banshee novel in the works. I promise it won't take years to write this one. My editor is already demanding that I finish it. (Perhaps if you envision the right fist pounding the left palm, you will get an impression of the pressure I'm under.)

You can purchase "Banshee Rising" directly from the publisher, Xlibris, or from Barnes and Noble,, or you may contact me for an autographed copy. If you want to purchase "Banshee Rising" from your local bookstore, request ISBN no. 1-4010-2132-8

Your evaluation is important to me, so let me know what you think of my efforts.

To reach me directly, click "Banshee Rising".

Banshee Rising

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